25 Years Residential Warranty
Structural Warranty: 25 years warranty to the original purchaswer against manufacturing defects such as wrapping,buckling or bonding failure under normal residential use. As with all warranties,terms and conditions apply.Our warranties do not cover failure due to improper installation.Also,as wood is a natural products,Add floor cann't guarantee against natural variations in each plank,nor against color differences between samples and the color of floor once the floor has been installed.Careful pre-inspection of the floorig is the responsibility of the buyer.
Care Instructions
Real wood floors are not inpervious to damage casued by spills,dirt,grit,water or impact.All hardwood floors require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best and lasting to their full potenial.Here are some guidelines to help you maintain the beauty of your hadwood floor:
1.Real wood will expand and contract with change in humidity,leaving samll cracks in between the boards.This affect can be minimized with the use of humidity control in the home,as well as proper acclimation prior to installation.
2.To protect floors from dirt or water,place rugs at entry points to hep trap grit and absorb moisture that may damage the finish.However,note that rugs with rubber
bottoms or non-skid pads may leave an imprint on the floor.Natural fiber rugs are a safer choice.
3.Regualary vacuum or sweep the floor with a soft mop to prevent abrasive dirt and dust from accummulating and scratching the finish.Vacumming should only be done with machines that have a hard surface setting to prevent damage from the rollers.
4.Don't Damp Mop: Use only the cleanig products designed specifically for hardwood floors.
5.Never use wax,oil-based detergent or any other household cleaners on the floors. These may dull or damage the finish,leaving a greasy film and making the floor slipper and more difficult to clean.Do not use spray polishes or other clearners that are designed for other types of wood furnishings.
6.Wipe spills immediately.Be especially attentive to the areas around the sink, dishwasher,stove tops and dining tables,which are more prone to harmful spills.
7.Add felt pads to all furniture and chair legs to prevent damage to the floor. Replace the felt pads when dirty or worn.Fo extremely havey objects,use wide, non-stainnig rubber cups.
8.Damaged or worn high heel shoese may expose a metal tip,which is certain to damage the surface finish.Because of this,and the press exerted by heels,extra caution should be taken when wearing heels to prevent scratches,dents or other damage to your floors.
9.Protect your floor against direct sunlight or any intense source of artificial lighting.Over time,intense natrual and artificial light will discolor hardwood floors.